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Massage? Yes please! Discover our Spa Hotel in Merano

Massage - Balance for Body, Mind and Soul

At our exclusive spa hotel in Merano you can totally relax and unwind. Our treatments and massages are a real indulgence for the senses and will do wonders for your body. The spa-team at our Merano wellness hotel awaits you with relaxing, vigorous and reinvigorating massages. If you want to treat yourself to something really special, then you can book a wellness package!

And of course we also offer a range of beauty treatments – so that you can have that same glow both inside and out!

Beauty & Wellness Packages - the Scent of a Rose

Beauty & Wellness Packages - the Scent of a Rose

This exclusive beauty treatment is based on the finest natural extracts from Merano that provide a very special treatment. Let yourself be inspired! And of course we would be delighted to design a beauty programme tailored to your own particular needs.

Roses & Beauty

Beauty and Wellness

  • 1 rose peel with salt (20 min.)
  • 1 wild rose on a soft pack bed (20 min.)
  • 1 wellness massage with delicate rose oil (50 min.)

Harmony & Relaxation

Treat yourself, be indulged and truly relax

  • 1 package with South Tyrolean hay (20 mins)
  • 1 full body massage (50 mins)
  • 1 back and neck massage (25 mins)

Vital & Body Balance

Sporty - active - healthy

  • 1 vitality package with healing flowers and herbs (20 mins)
  • 1 reflexology massage plus (50 mins)
  • 1 bio-energetic massage (60 mins)

Classic Massages

Classic Massages

A professional massage does not only enhance your body’s health and well-being, it is as well balm for your soul and always an sensual experience. Enjoy the relaxation by one of the oldest remedies of the world. We offer you different massages for your needs.

Classic Whole Body Massage

During a whole body massage the whole body is massaged using a classic massage technique, for deep relaxation.

50 min. 69,-

Partial Massage

Massaggio alla schiena, al collo o alle gambe con olio di arnica.
25 min. 40,-

Back and neck massage

This back and neck massage will relieve any blockages and deeply relax all those muscles in your back.

50 min. 65,-

Anti-Stress Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage or anti-stress massage with its rhythmical, slow movements helps you to recuperate and combat stress, loosening tension and tightness in your body built up through daily stress and strain.

50 min. 65,-

Partial Body/Sports Massage

This partial body massage is a back massage that improves the circulation through the muscles and organs of the body. This treatment relieves stresses and strains and is fantastic for the body’s soft tissue.

50 min. 69,-

Pienzenau Specials

Wellness Massage with Wild Rose Oil

Mrs. Hofer recommends: with this fantastic wellness massage you will quickly forget all your day-to-day stresses and strains.

50 min. 65,-

Foot massage “basic”

Sabrina recommends: A foot massage brings relaxation to that crucial part of the body that we use more than any other. Our feet carry a tremendous burden and need to be treated to a restful break just like the rest of us.

25 min. 45,-

Foot massage “plus”

Sabrina recommends: a foot massage brings relaxation to that crucial part of the body that we use more than any other. Our feet carry a tremendous burden and need to be treated to a restful break just like the rest of us.

50 min. 69,-

Bio-Energetic Massage

Mrs. Rosi recommends: This bio energetic treatment treats physical and spiritual strain and relaxes tensions. You will find this strengthens both your muscles and your energy levels and impacts upon your vitality, wellness, health and spiritual balance. Bio-energetic massage is enormously relaxing and regenerating and increases your capacity to regenerate and recuperate in future.

60 min. 85,-

Fascial Harmony

Mrs. Rosi recommends: The focus of this treatment is mainly on the face, head and neck. These zones hold a lot of physical, mental and emotional tension. While the body is in deep relaxation, old mental and emotional patterns can be released.
50 min. 75,-

Combination massage

Mrs. Rosi recommends: Two massages are combined. Foot massage combined with a neck massage or a combination of neck, head and facial massage.

55 min. 80,-

Wellness Applications

Wellness Kinesiology

Kinesiology is an effective method of relieving blockages and combating stress. It has the potential to restore and increase general health, wellbeing, performance efficiency and quality of life. The key tool of a kinesiologist is that of gentle cupping that tests the muscles. This diagnostic method “asks” the where it feels strain. Blockages are identified and then resolved with a range of highly specialised techniques.

50 min. 75,-

Wellness Lymphatic Drainage

During a lymphatic drainage massage the masseur uses very specialised techniques in order to stimulate the lymph drainage system. This gentle stimulation of lymph drainage system improves micro-circulation of the system and enriches the acidity of the tissue. It reduces water retention, aids detoxification, improves nutritional uptake and thus strengthens the entire immune system.

50 min. 85,-

Sound Massage Therapy in Combination with Bach Flower Remedies

Sound massage therapy uses the vibrations of singing bowls that resonate with the body’s natural rhythms and gives rise to a deep sense of inner peace. The gentle vibrations from the sound bowls have an effect on all the joints, muscles and cells in the body, reducing stress and physical strain. The singing bowls work on an organic level, but also on a mental and spiritual level and are equally effective when used on adults and children.

50 min. 75,-

Colonic Massage

Colonic massage, also known as colonic therapy, a form of abdominal massage that has a particular effect on the functioning of the colon. It is strongly recommended for the treatment of chronic constipation.

25 min. 45,-

Anti-Cellulite Treatment

An Anti-Cellulite treatment (to combat that dreaded orange peel effect) tackles blockages in the tissue, improves circulation, breaks down fat and stimulates lymphatic drainage.

50 min. 69,-

Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Ayurvedic Oil Massage brings a deep and lasting sense of relaxation to the entire body. Tension in the muscles is worked out through harmonious movement patterns, strengthening the immune system and organs and stimulating the metabolism. This type of massage includes the hands and fingers, elbows and feet, using warm oil specially selected according to your particular needs.

60 min. 85,-

Beauty Baths & Packages

Beauty Baths & Packages

A world of relaxation... let yourself indulge in it from head to toe.

Baths in the Water Tub

A quiet, candlelit atmosphere, soft music and wonderful elixirs and aromas build a fantastic ambience at this Pienzenau spa.
Dive in and relax - mind, body and soul!

  • Wild rose bath € 40
  • Cleopatra bath € 40
  • Evening candlelit oil bath € 40
  • Basic salt bath € 40
25 min.

Packages (On a soft pack treatment bed)

Body packages will enhance the relaxation of body and spirit with an excellent skin treatment. Surrounded and protected by a cocoon of warmth, your skin will be treated to a host of nourishing treatments.

  • Package with rose extract € 50
  • South Tyrolean hay bath € 50
  • Blossom extract package € 50
  • Ayurveda package € 50
25 min.

Body Peel

Do something great for your skin - let it indulge in a body peel.
This intensive deep-clean will get rid of any unwanted excess skin cells whilst also stimulating circulation and will leave your skin feeling unbelievably soft and smoothed.

  • Rose essence peel with salt € 45
  • Sea salt peel with salt from the Dead Sea € 45
  • Herbal Peel € 45
  • Olive Oil Salt Peel (50 min.) € 75
20 min.

Cosmetics – Beauty and Wellness

Cosmetics – Beauty and Wellness

Take a little time out for your wellbeing...


  • Classic facial (90 mins) € 110
  • Anti-aging facial (90 mins) € 115
  • Eyelash tint € 15
  • Eyebrow tint € 15
  • Classic manicure with rose hand cream € 40
  • Classic manicure with rose petals € 45
  • Classic pedicure € 40
  • Classic pedicure with foot massage € 50
  • Half leg wax € 30
  • Whole leg wax € 40

Special Moments Landing on the sun-roof-top!


Gli esercizi di yoga classici (Asana) riguardano tutte le regioni del corpo. Distendono e rinforzano muscoli e articolazioni, rilassano la colonna vertebrale ed equilibrano anche la funzione degli organi interni, delle ghiandole e dei nervi. I blocchi del corpo e le tensioni sarann sciolti, il flusso di energia nel corpo viene attivato. Attraverso questo tipo di lavoro sul corpo, la mente può essere focalizzata e rilassata.
30 min.

Qi Gong

Qi, che significa tanto quanto il fiume o il flusso. E gong, lavoro o abilità. Con il Qi Gong il controllo fisico completo dovrebbe essere raggiunto e tutti i processi dovrebbero essere fluenti, senza fermarsi o arrestare il movimento. È una specie di movimento lento, non  a scatti, ma procedono lentamente e con fluidità. Questo rafforza i muscoli e allena la coordinazione e l'equilibrio.
30 min.
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