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Things to do in Merano: sport and leisure


As Bike & Hike Holidays partner company it is our primary concern to make your bike holiday in Merano as pleasant as possible. Therefore, you will find competent tour advice by the team of trained South Tyrolean mountain bike guides and daily guided tours, which are held at different levels.

Bike holidays with us as partner company of Bike an Hike are always worth it. We look forward to seeing you.

  • info folder with 20 tour suggestions (map material, GPS download...)
  • 30% price advantage in the rental (the price advante also applies to E-BIKE SCENA in Scena)
  • prefered repair service
  • gourmet tours
  • E-Mountainbike tours
  • driving technique courses
  • private guiding

Information and registration: BIKE AND HIKE (Stenizer-Street 14 - 39022 Lagundo - Tel. +39 340 4890532 or +39 0473 524041 - Fax +39 0473 523374 - info@bikeandhike.it - www.bikeandhike.it)

Online bike rental:
Bike and Hike

Tour the Mountains from the Air in South Tirol:

Imagine doing something a little bit exotic on your holiday? Get to know South Tirol from an entirely new perspective: take a ride in a helicopter and enjoy the views from up above!
Helicopter rides over Merano and the surrounding areas: long/short Dolomite flights with Airway Helicopters (Romstraße 300 - 39012 Meran (BZ))

Tandem Paragliding:

If you're looking for something a little more extreme, you may want to try out a tandem paragliding session! Here are some addresses:


Get into the swing of things with your body and spirit with a great fun tennis party! This much-loved sport can be played in a variety of clubs in Merano and the surrounding areas; here are some contact details:

  • Meranarena (Piave Straße 46 - 39012 Meran - +39 0473 236550 - info@meranarena.it)
  • Sportverein Lana (Max Valier Straße 5 - 39011 Lana - +39 0473 563535)

Rafting, Canoeing, Quadbiking...:

Pore exhilaration awaits you when you go rafting, whilst canoeing offers a meditative way to enjoy the scenery while paddling along. The land-borne equivalent is probably a tour by buggy or a quad bike: all that and much more is on offer at Aquaterra (Tel. +39 0473 72004 - +39 336 611336). Fun is guaranteed!

Hippodrome & Horseriding:

You'll find happiness of course on the back of a horse!
Time to sit on your high horse – Merano is well known for its hippodrome. Hotel Pienzenau is a partner hotel of the Track in Untermais, meaning all of our guests benefit from a discounted price.
www.meranomaia.it - info@merano-galoppo.it
Rennstallweg 37 - 39012 Meran - Tel. +39 0473 446222

If you're keen to take a horseriding excursion or horseriding lessons then Reiterhof Sulfner in Hafling is just the place for you to go.

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