a lady is in the sauna of Pienzenau in Merano a pyramid of rolled up towels with a rose in the Hotel Pienzenau white blossoms and candles; in the blurred background a lady is getting a massage in the wellness area of the Pienzenau Ladies' hands in a bowl with water and rose petals

Our wellness hotel in Merano with a host of wellness services to offer

Once indulged, never forgotten: wellness at Hotel Pienzenau

Hotel Pienzenau am Schlosspark is the ideal wellness hotel in Merano, where you can rebuild your strength and energy to increase your sense of wellbeing, improve your health and allow you to enjoy life with all of your senses.

Swimming and enjoying the sauna, or enjoying the peace and quiet in the garden or on the roof terrace with its panoramic views, pampering yourself from head to toe in our spa complex right at the heart of nature with our exclusive treatments (massages or beauty) - make it a truly unforgettable holiday by taking a little time out for yourself! Our therapists Rosi and Uta in the spa will make sure that you are able to experience wellbeing in all its senses.

Opening Times:

Spa complex: from 7.00am to 7.30pm
Massages & beauty treatments: from 8.00am to 7.00pm

Take a sauna - and we mean a proper sauna!

At our wellness hotel in Merano you can discover the art of the sauna: this practice, which started in Finland, is gaining ever greater popularity due to the positive effect it has on the body and on mental wellbeing. Sweating out impurities purifies the body, but saunas also strengthen the immune system, improve the complexion and give rise to a general sense of wellbeing.

At Hotel Pienzenau you can choose between a Finnish sauna, bio-herbal sauna and steam room. To refresh yourself between saunas there is a aromatic mist-shower, and you can indulge in the relaxing effects following your sauna in our beautiful quiet area with its comfortable loungers. Of course you should also freshen up between sessions, to rebalance the dehydrating effect of sweating. Help yourself at our tea and juice bar and try out our vitality drinks and wellness teas.

It's really important that you observe a couple of simple rules when enjoying sauna time, to make sure that you achieve the maximum effect:

  • Take at least two hours in total for your visit to the sauna
  • Make sure you are thoroughly cleansed before entering the sauna! Have a good shower to make sure that any traces of cosmetics or other products are removed from the skin; dry yourself thoroughly, because dry skin sweats more effectively, and take a warm footbath before your sauna - this encourages sweating.
  • Warming: Lay out your towel beneath the entire length of your body and rest for 8 to 15 minutes (pay more attention to how your body feels and less to the precise time).
  • Cool down in the fresh air - move about in the fresh air on exiting the sauna; then cool down further under a cool shower
  • Rest is not essential, but it is recommended as it aids relaxation and comfort. Just watch out that your feet don't become cold while you are resting!
  • Don't go directly from the sauna to a whirlpool or a steam room.
  • Recommended number of sauna sessions in one sitting: three. After each warming session, the body must be allowed to cool down.

Once a week with Ms Rosi (Essential that you sign-up in advance):

  • Water aerobics
  • Yoga
  • Qi-Gong

We are delighted to welcome children in the company of a supervising adult. But we do ask you to bear in mind that the saunas are intended for the relaxation and quiet indulgence of adult guests. We thank you for your understanding.

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